Biology & Biogeochemistry

Isotopic signatures in a wide variety of complex organic compounds can reveal unique insights in biological and biogeochemical process. This is true as chemical and physical processes lead to changes in the natural isotope composition of organic compounds. The isotopes 13C, 18O, 15N and 2H provide scientists with a wealth of information on the origin of compounds, pathways of metabolism, synthesis and diagenesis as well as conditions of formation, and more.

Thermo Scientific provides you with the instrumentation to help you investigating these complex organic compounds. The Thermo Scientific™ Delta V™ Plus and 253 Plus™ Gas IRMS combined with our unique peripherals, such as GC IsoLink II and LC Isolink, as well as the Thermo Scientific™ Delta Ray™ and Delta Ray Connect™ are the instruments of choice to obtain high precise isotope ratio data of stable isotope systems in a variety of biological samples.

Key Applicatons

  • Nitrogen Isotope Ratio Analysis of Amino Acids
  • Carbon Isotope Ratio Analysis of Acyclic Biomarkers such as n-Alkanes, Phytane and Pristane
  • Carbon Isotope Ratio Analysis of Dissolved Organic Matter in Natural Waters
  • Carbon Isotope Ratio Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in soils and sediments
  • CO2 Exchange within the Ecosystem; Microbiology Labelling