Within hydrology, isotopes are used to estimate the age and origin of water as well as its movement within the hydrologic cycle. One important topic here is the increasing demand for water around the globe. This, together with the impact of pollution and climate change on surface waters, is a major challenge for authorities and the reason why deeper aquifer systems are being exploited as a source for water. Isotope methods help to require the level of knowledge in case groundwater from deep aquifers are pumped to the surface.

The Thermo Scientific™ Delta V™ and 253 Plus™ Gas IRMS combined with our unique peripherals, such as the EA IsoLink and GC IsoLink II, are the instruments of choice to obtain high precise stable isotope ratio data of water samples.

Key Applicatons

  • Oxygen Isotope Ratio Analysis of Water in Ice Cores
  • Hydrogen Isotope Ratio Determination on Aqueous Samples
  • Oxygen Isotope Ratio Analysis of Liquids such as Fruit Juice and Wine