Semiconductor Industry and Material Sciences

For the design and preparation of semiconductor devices ultra clean materials and chemicals like water, acids and organic solvents are essential. The trace metal content of these process chemicals is moving to increasingly lower levels. Detecting trace amounts of metal impurities is very demanding and requires highly sensitive instrumentation with multi-elemental analysis capabilities. ICP-MS has become very popular for the analysis of process chemicals used in the semiconductor industry. The Thermo Scientific Element 2™ and Element XR™ High Resolution ICPMS are ideally suited for this type of analysis.

Also, for studying metal alloys, like Al, Si and Ni, and applying those in semiconductor applications like solar cell technology and in manufacturing safety-sensitive parts in the aerospace industry, it is mandatory to work with high purity metals. The Thermo Scientific™ Element GD™ glow discharge mass spectrometer enables the analyst to routinely achieve ultra-low detection limits directly in the solid, below the parts per billion level, with a minimum of sample preparation effort.

Key Applicatons

  • Analysis of Trace and Ultra-trace Elements in Nickel Super Alloys
  • Analysis of Sulphur at the Ultra-trace Level
  • Analysis of Solar Cell Silicon
  • High Purity Aluminium Analysis