August 2018 – Phenotyping with the Delta Ray IRIS

The planet will need to feed 10 billion people by 2050. Global feed crop demand is expected to double by 2050 due to the growing world population. In addition, seasonal droughts and climate change will require healthier, more resilient, smarter plants. To lead in feeding the world, there’s only one way to get it right: Grow the perfect seed.

The 13C isotope composition of CO2 are fast indicators of water-use efficiency (WUE) and plant response to drought. Smart” plants will fractionate CO2 in both heavy and light isotopes. “Weak” plants in contrast will fractionate mostly heavy 13C, because the light molecules will be absorbed in the plant.

The Delta Ray IRIS can simultaneously measure the CO2 going in and out of the plant chamber: CO2 concentration as well as 13C and 18O isotope signatures.

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An on-demand webinar is available as well. Please follow this link.