December 2017 – 1e13 ohm amplifier technology: How low can you go?

A Smart Note with Questions and Answers about the 1013 ohm amplifier technology is available (SN30439). It describes the use and benefits of this technology for TIMS analyses and describes details of the newly available calibration board, enabling gain factors to be calibrated conveniently and simultaneously by an automated software calibration routine.

Find answers to questions as:


-Which level of precision can be expected for your isotope ratios?

-How to calibrate the 1013 ohm amplifiers?

-What is the level of long-term precision and stability for gain factors and electronic baselines?

-How does the signal/noise ratio of 1011 ohm and 1013 ohm amplifiers compare?

-For which instruments are the 3.3 pA current calibration boards recommended?

-Which detection system works best for your method?


The note can be found in the Knowledge Base.