July 2018 – Goldschmidt Conference 2018 Sneak Preview

Join us at Goldschmidt in Boston to learn more about the latest innovations in our Geosciences portfolio:

  1. Scanning electron microscopy
  2. X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
  3. Carbonates product bundles
  4. Extra high resolution on Multicollector ICP-MS
  5. 1013 ohm amplifier technology made easy


Our lunchtime seminar topics:

  • Tuesday August 14
    • “MC-ICP-MS and TIMS precision for reduced sample sizes”
  • Wednesday August 15
    • “Carbonates & clumped isotopes”
  • Thursday August 16
    • “Your curiosity, our geosciences portfolio”


Find out more and sign up here to our lunchtime seminars.