July 2019 – New Collateral Element GD Plus

The Thermo Scientific Element GD Plus GD-MS has been developed as a combination of a microsecond-pulsed fast flow glow discharge source with a high resolution mass spectrometer. The fast flow source with pulsed discharge combines the advantages of short pump-downtimes with the ionization coming close to theoretically predicted calibration factors. Pulsed mode operation gives ultimate performance for trace and ultra trace metal analysis of bulk metals and thin foils down to several micrometer thickness. Non-conductive powders are analyzed down to ppb level by using a secondary electrode. Depth profiling provides simple quantification of nanometer to micrometer thick layers, from matrix to sub-ppm concentrations.

The latest collateral is available in the Knowledge Base:

  • – BR30066: Element GD Plus brochure
  • – AN30237: Application Note on the analysis of sulphur at the ultra-trace level
  • – AN30267: Application Note on full survey chemical analysis of thin films
  • – AB30489: Application Brief on routine analysis of 6N high purity copper
  • – AB30490: Application Brief on high precision nickel alloy analysis
  • – AB30491: Application Brief on the analysis of alumina powders


Visit the Element GD Plus product page for more information.