July 2017 – Join us at Goldschmidt in Paris and Sign up for our Lunchtime Seminars

Goldschmidt 2017 is approaching and we are excited to give you a sneak preview of what is coming. First of all we will continue our tradition of organizing dedicated lunch-time seminars. Topics of this year:

-Carbonate isotope ratio measurements with IRMS

-Revolutionizing EA-IRMS

-Advancing 1013 ohm amplifier technology

We will also have numerous joined poster and oral presentations with our customers. To mention a few topics: high precise Mg and K isotope ratio measurements using MC-ICPMS, carbon and oxygen isotope ratio analysis in DIC, isotopic contents of extra-terrestrial organic molecules and carbonate clumped isotope thermometry.

For more information, please visit the Goldschmidt event page.