May 2017 – New Heated Sample Rack Autosampler

The new Heated Sample Rack Autosampler available for the Thermo Scientific™ Delta Ray Connect™ Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer allows automated measurements of Carbon and Oxygen isotopes in carbonates.

The workflow is fully automated. Samples are put into vials and phosphoric acid is manually added. The CO2 gas that is released by reaction of the carbonate samples with phosphoric acid is flushed into the Variable Volume (VV) of the Delta Ray Connect through a Nafion based built-in water trap. CO2 free synthetic air is used as carrier gas. During the measurement, the VV Volume is decreased, resulting in a continuous gas flow of diluted sample CO2 into the measurement cell. Prior to the analysis, the concentration of CO2 is determined and automatically diluted by the Thermo Scientific Qtegra Software to achieve the desired value. As part of the workflow, reference gases are regularly measured to allow for automatic drift correction.

With the new Heated Sample Rack Autosampler, it is possible to measure the carbon and oxygen isotope composition of certified carbonate reference materials with an accuracy and precision of <0.1 permil.

Due to its compact size, light weight, high sample throughput and automation, the Delta Ray Connect with autosampler is ideally to take into the field, a research vessel or into the laboratory.


For more information, please visit the Knowledge Base and the Delta Ray Connect product page.