November 2017 - AGU 2017 Sneak Preview

Join us this year at AGU in New Orleans, LA. Meet our specialists at the booth and discover our new mass spectrometry innovations.

Here a sneak preview:

- With the new XHR option on the Neptune Plus, we are achieving an impressive 15,000 resolving power. Combined with the peak position and mass bias stability that you expect from the MC-ICP-MS, you can now make more accurate and precise measurements. Speak with our experts to learn more about this exciting new technology.

- The 1013 ohm amplifier technology is now more accessible. Speak to our experts about our innovative new solutions for gain calibration and tau correction, and hear about the scientific research that 1013 ohm amplifier technology enables. It addresses analytical challenges with respect to limited sample amounts and minor isotopes; delivering precision that is not possible with conventional amplifiers and ion counters.

- Thermo Fisher Scientific is offering a new comprehensive solution for measurements of C and O isotopes in in carbonates and DIC. Visit us at the booth to find out more about our new attractive instruments bundles comprising the 253Plus, the Kiel IV Carbonate Device and the Delta Ray Connect.

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