September 2019 – Osteoporisos tests made easy

Traditionally, osteoporosis is diagnosed using an X-ray procedure. This method has limitations as doctors must make an interpretation of an X-ray image which may lead to different conclusions. Also, osteoporosis does not show up on the X-rays until it has reached a considerable stage. This is the reason that osteoporosis is often diagnosed too late and many patients start therapy when the disease is already widespread. They have a poor prognosis of being able to live without pain at old age.

Osteolabs GmbH in Kiel (Germany) offers an alternative method to diagnose osteporosis in an early stage. The new method is based on the analysis of the isotope composition of calcium urine or blood. The test can be done by patients at home; the collected sample is returned to Osteolabs for analysis. In a recent paper, Osteolabs published the first clinical data on this new test procedure. The calcium isotope composition of blood and urine give indications of bone loss.

Read more about this new biomarker for osteoporis on and here.