EA IsoLink IRMS System

Reach higher peaks with your EA – IRMS

With the EA IsoLink™ IRMS system, Thermo Fisher Scientific has fundamentally innovated in EA – IRMS, based on our expertise and leadership in elemental analysis, gas chromatography and continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometry. The EA Isolink includes the Thermo Scientific™ Flash IRMS™ Elemental Analyzer, the Thermo Scientific™ ConFlo IV™ Universal Interface and a Thermo Scientific™ Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer.
For the first time, temperature-ramped continuous flow gas chromatography (GC) is used in EA-IRMS analysis. You can gain shorter analysis times per sample, higher sample throughput and accurate and precise data, thanks to optimal baseline separation of analyte gases and sharp peak shapes, prerequisites for highest performance.
To ensure low helium consumption during your analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ Intelligent Helium Management (HeM) Module significantly reduces your sample analysis costs.

With the EA IsoLink IRMS System, you can gain:
– Sharp peak shapes and complete peak separation by temperature ramped gas chromatography
– Full insight and control over the whole analytical workflow
– Widest dynamic range in EA-IRMS with multi-element analysis
– Lowest helium consumption and highest sample throughput
– Full system automation and lowest running cost
– Flexibility for all applications with easy-to-use modular system

Unmatched robustness
Employ an automated, easy-to-use solution for μg- to mg-level elemental and isotope analysis using the Thermo Scientific™ EA IsoLink™ IRMS system. This all-in-one isotope ratio mass spectrometry system increases sample throughput, reduces cost/sample, and provides high-precision elemental and isotopic analysis. It is ideal for research or routine analyses in ecology, geosciences, food authenticity, or forensics. This IRMS system joins our elemental and isotope analysis portfolio, and uses temperature-ramped GC technology and turnkey features of the Flash IRMS Elemental Analyzer. Elemental Analyzer, the EA IsoLink IRMS System joins the Thermo Scientific portfolio of chromatographically based techniques, providing you with a complete solution for all your isotopic applications.


System configurations

  • EA IsoLink OH – Offering dedicated oxygen and hydrogen analysis— with scalability to expand your capabilities to C, N and S
  • EA IsoLink CN – The powerful solution for N and C analysis, which can be upgraded for CNS analysis.
  • EA IsoLink CN/OH – The versatile single system solution for N and C analysis by flash combustion and O and H analysis by pyrolysis. Upgrade options for sulfur analysis.
  • EA IsoLink CNSOH – The fully automated single system CNSOH solution. Two Thermo Scientific™ MAS Plus Autosamplers and temperature ramped GC oven are included as standard.


Thermo Scientific™ EA IsoLink IRMS System