Static Vacuum Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer

Achieve ultimate helium isotope analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Helix SFT™ split flight tube noble gas mass spectrometer. This compact but powerful magnetic sector static vacuum mass spectrometer (SVMS) is capable of the high-precision analysis all noble gas isotopes, but is ideally suited to the simultaneous collection of the isotopes Helium 3 and Helium 4.


Innovations that make a Total Helium Solution

  • Simultaneous analysis of helium isotopes, without peak jumping, reduces analysis time and improves throughput
  • Nier-type ion source provides excellent sensitivity while maintaining a low trap / total emission ratio for long filament life and low source temperatures
  • Extremely low internal volume enhances sensitivity
  • Low-mass collector includes a 50 mm 90 degree energy filter that enables the system to measure extremely large ratios without peak tailing—abundance sensitivity is <1 ppb (3 contribution from 4)
  • Excellent low-mass resolution completely separates Helium 3 from HD and H3+ interferences
  • Innovative amplifier technology enables the majority of analyses to be done with long-life Faraday detectors
Thermo Scientific™ Helix SFT™ Static Vacuum Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer