Kiel IV

Highly sensitive automated workflow

Isotope ratio analysis of carbonate samples is increasingly important in paleoclimatic reconstructions involving biogenic carbonates such as foraminifera, bivalves, brachiopods, otoliths, and corals. Studies may involve growth zones of individual organisms or microfossils from drill cores. The Thermo Scientific™ Kiel IV carbonate device coupled to a Thermo Scientific™ 253 Plus™ or Thermo Scientific™ Delta V™ isotope ratio mass spectrometer results in a system capable of highly sensitive, ultra-precise isotopic measurements in an automated, high-throughput workflow.


Enable Advanced Carbonate Analysis

  • Unique temperature-controlled reaction cabinet enables ultimate isotope precision for carbonates
  • Two independent reaction lines with acid dosing valves increase sample throughput
  • Microvolume ensures viscous flow of CO2 from small samples of carbonate
  • Fast bellows strategy reduces CO2 sample consumption during standard-to-sample pressure adjustment
  • Total process control and data log file for complete insight to all preparation and measurement processes at any time
  • Time slicing for real-time information of data acquisition with a resolution up to 80 data points per integration cycle