Continuous-flow online analysis

Achieve continuous-flow online analysis of oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios with the Thermo Scientific™ TC/EA high temperature conversion elemental analyzer. For many years, measurement of 18O/16O and D/H ratios has been limited to offline sample preparation. The TC/EA high temperature conversion elemental analyzer changes that; it provides the benefits of continuous-flow IRMS to online oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratio analysis for all organic and some inorganic samples. The system uses high-temperature pyrolysis to convert oxygen to CO and hydrogen to H2. The gases are separated by isothermal gas chromatography and measured against reference gas.


Powerful, Yet Simple

  • Simultaneous hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratio determination of all organic compounds and water
  • Selected inorganic compounds can also be analyzed, such as nitrates (N and O), phosphates (O) and sulfates (O)
  • Both isotope ratios can be determined simultaneously in minutes with just one run, making this approach ideal for high-throughput, doubly labeled water analysis or screening of water resources
  • Patented glassy carbon reactor ensures memory-free conversion reactions with no restrictions on compound type
  • Referencing of each peak using a reference gas ensures accuracy
  • High sensitivity means only small sample amounts are required
  • Automated analysis with high sample throughput


The TC/EA analyzer can be connected to any current Thermo Scientific™ IRMS equipped for continuous-flow applications. If hydrogen isotope ratios are to be analyzed, the IRMS must be equipped with an energy filter to suppress 4He+ ions on the DH collector (Thermo Scientific™ 253 Plus™, DELTA V Plus™, DELTA V Advantage™ systems). A differential pumping system is required. Specifications, terms, and pricing are subject to change. Not all products are available in all countries. Please consult your local sales representative for details.