Triton Plus

Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer

Get high-precision isotope ratio measurements of your precious samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Triton Plus™ multicollector thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS). With a proven thermal ionization source and a unique variable multicollector system that can be configured to suit the application, the Triton Plus TIMS system is ideal for dating of geological samples and control of isotopic compositions of nuclear materials. It does so with outstanding sensitivity, dynamic range, linearity, and stability.

High-Performance Ion Source and Optics
The thermal ionization source of the Triton Plus has a very small kinetic energy spread (~0.5eV) such that a single focusing geometry focusing for angular divergence only is fully sufficient. The 10kV ion source acceleration potential provides optimum sensitivity and the ion optics of the Triton Plus have been optimized for maximum ion transmission for both single and double filament techniques. The sample turret holds 21 single or double filaments that can be easily exchanged without tools.

Fully Flexible Detection System
The high-performance Faraday cups used in the Triton Plus are laser machined from solid carbon to guarantee uniform response, high linearity, low noise, and long lifetimes; they completely eliminate the need for cup factors. The Faraday cups can be connected to any resistor, ranging from 1010, 1011, 1012 and 1013 ohm amplifiers. Up to 10 current amplifiers with independent gains can be installed simultaneously. The virtual amplifier concept uses all amplifiers to measure all Faraday cup signals, effectively cancelling out all amplifier calibration biases and maximizing measurement precision. Software control of the amplifier/Faraday cup connections allows amplifier configuration to be configured to the needs of each experiment and its required precision.

The optional available retarding potential quadrupole (RPQ) lenses improve abundance sensitivity by one order of magnitude. The flexible multi-ion counting (MIC) arrays of discrete-dynode electron multipliers provide ultimate detection efficiency for small sample amounts. Up to eight discrete dynode electron multipliers can be installed at one time.

The software supports fully automated sample manipulation and configurable and automated filament heating procedures. An automated pyrometer is available as option for readout of filament temperature. Ease of use software enables the user to set up measurement procedures, including static, multidynamic, and fast single-collector peak jumping strategies, and sample heating programs. On-line and off-line data evaluation packages are available, including statistical capabilities and display of the results in spreadsheet or graphical form. Users have access to all raw data and can monitor the results online during the analysis. The user has access to all raw data and can monitor the results on-line during the analysis.

Thermo Scientific Triton Plus Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) Schematics
Schematic of the Triton Plus


  • Optimized ion optics for maximum ion transmission for both single and double filament techniques
  • Easy accessible lens stack allowing trouble-free maintenance
  • Optional easy glove box adaptation for nuclear applications
  • Fully flexible detection system comprising Faraday Cup and Ion Counting detectors
  • Proven innovative amplifier technology using 1013 ohm resistors enabling 4-5 times better signal/noise for small samples
  • Virtual Amplifier technology completely eliminating gain calibration biases
  • Switchable amplifiers with different gains by one mouse click
Thermo Scientific™ Triton Plus™ Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer