Geochronology is the science that determines the age of a rock, mineral, fossil, sediment and other materials. One distinguishes between absolute and relative age dating techniques. Absolute age determination is done by numeric dating methods, such as U-series methods, K-Ar and Ar-Ar methods, as well as Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and Re-Os dating techniques.

Our innovative mass spectrometers help geoscientists to provide insights into the age of their valuable rocks, minerals, sediments and fossils, enabling them to make exciting pioneering discoveries in geochronology.

The Thermo Scientific™ Triton Plus™ TIMS equipped with new 1013 ohm amplifier technology, provides the ultimate precision for U-Pb geochronology. Beyond U-Pb, the Triton Plus is the workhorse for obtaining high quality age data from other radiogenic isotopic systems such as Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and Re-Os.

If in-situ information is required, the Thermo Scientific™ Neptune Plus™ MC-ICPMS and/or Thermo Scientific™ Element 2™ and Element XR™ ICP-MS combined with a Laser Ablation system enabling simultaneous in-situ analysis of Pb-U and Hf isotope ratios of very small minerals, such as zircons.

Our noble gas mass spectrometers are the ultimate choice for obtaining the high precision Ar-Ar, cosmogenic exposure neon and low temperature thermochronology data. A major step forward in Ar-Ar age dating precision comes from the new 1013 ohm amplifiers, available for the Thermo Scientific™ Argus VI™ and Thermo Scientific™ Helix MC Plus™.

Geochronology also uses correlation methods like stable isotope records. Oxygen and hydrogen isotope composition of polar ice cores are used in temperature reconstruction studies. With the Thermo Scientific™ Delta V™ and 253 Plus™ Gas IRMS combined with our unique peripherals, our customers are able to obtain high precise O and H isotope ratio data of ice cores.

Key Applicatons

  • In-situ analysis of U-Pb and Hf Isotopes in Zircon Minerals
  • High-precise ID-TIMS analysis of U-Pb using a Faraday only approach
  • Ar-Ar Dating of Metamorphic Minerals
  • Oxygen Isotope Records in Speleothems